Visit Suriname

Visit Suriname

Suriname is a country in the north of South America, between Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean. It was part in a famous deal (Treaty of Breda) in 1667 between the Dutch and the English. The Dutch decided to keep Suriname and handed over the small colony of New Amsterdam to the English, who then renamed it to New York. In 1975 the country gained it’s independence from The Netherlands.

Most of the country consists of tropical rainforest and is sparsely inhabited. Most of it’s 560,000 population live on the northern coast. The capital, Paramaribo, is also located here.

As a former Dutch colony, it would be very interesting for me to visit Suriname. I also know a lot of people who were originally from Suriname and now live in The Netherlands. Besides, it would be fun to speak Dutch with local people in a tropical country.

9 April 2013 Jasper