Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

It was my first ever visit to Mexico, so I was super exited. A friend was getting married and invited me to join him for a bachelor party.

Ever since I watched Desperado, a great movie featuring Antonio Banderas, I wanted to visit Mexico. I imagined myself walking into a small bar in the middle of nowhere, wearing a cowboy hat. I’d sit down at the bar and sip on a tequila with a few locals, while enjoying a performance of a sexy Selma Hayek look-a-like signing to the tunes of a local Mariachi playing the guitar.

Cabo San Lucas wasn’t quite like that. In fact, I didn’t really feel like I was in Mexico. It felt more like California. You can pay with dollars everywhere, all signs are in English and the locals speak with an American accent. It wasn’t a bad choice for a bachelor party. There were plenty of night life options available, many of them staying open till the wee-hours.

Although I wasn’t going to experience very much authentic Mexican culture, the city had plenty of other things to offer that I could enjoy: blue skies, beaches, the ocean and good diving opportunities.

One of the must-sees in Cabo is a a place called El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (or Land’s End). It’s a rock formation in the shape of a giant arch. It’s located at a beach called Divorce beach. The name come from the fact that it is the only beach in the world that connects (or separates) an ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and a sea, the Sea of Cortez.

According to the locals, the arch resembles a dragon drinking water. I guess with a bit of creativity (or after a few tequila shots) you can see this. One piece of advice: do not get in the water here. The currents will drag you out to sea in no time, if the undertows created by the massive waves haven’t already pulled you down under the surface. There are plenty of good swimming options around though, such as Lover’s beach and Pelican Beach.

Another recommended activity is to rent a boat and cruise around the Sea of Cortez. There is no better way to recover from a bachelor party weekend then to lie down on the deck of a boat, gently rocking on the waves, taking in the warm Mexican sun and breathing in fresh air.

Have you been to Cabo San Lucas? Tell me about your experience there!