Meal Sharing, Dog Sitting and Other New Sharing Economy Concepts

Meal Sharing, Dog Sitting and Other New Sharing Economy Concepts

The sharing economy has been around for a while, but awareness is still very low. According to Jonathan Millenhald (CMO of Airbnb), awareness for Airbnb is still less than 1%, even though the company is the second highest peer-to-peer platform valued at $17B.

There are many small platforms that offer many other opportunities for anyone to make some extra side money. You could be a cook, a dog sitter or tour guide.

Meal sharing

What passionate food lover has never dreamed of running their own restaurant? That is now within reach of anyone who has a kitchen and a dining table. Simply sign up at Feastly or EatWith, schedule a meal and off you go.

Dog sitting

For dog lovers who aren’t in a position to have a dog, dog sitting is a perfect solution. Get paid up to $50 a night to look after someone else’s dog! Brought to you by Rover and Dogvacay.

Musical Instruments Rentals

If you have a musical instrument, you can now rent it out at Sparkplug. Sparkplug is the first community marketplace where musicians and artists can rent instruments, equipment, and space from one another.

Simple jobs

Gigwalk is a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to find quick jobs (Gigs) in your area. Each individual Gig is represented by a pin on the map in our mobile application. These Gigs can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to complete and pay anywhere from $3 to $100.

Local tour guide

Enjoy meeting people from all around the world, showing them the cool spots in your area and get paid for it? Sign up at Vayable. Anyone can create an experience on Vayable as long as it meets the guidelines.


If babysitting is your thing, you can find a job at Urbansitter.