Roadtrip from Santiago to Mendoza

Roadtrip from Santiago to Mendoza

It’s only about 200 miles from the dry, dessert like surroundings of Santiago de Chile to the lush wine fields in Mendoza, Argentina. But there is one small obstacle in the middle: The Andes. The Trans-Andean route will take you across this famous mountain range.

This trip is one of the world’s best drives with spectacular scenery. The border crossing at the Cristo Redentor tunnel lies at 3200 meters elevation. Perhaps the highlight of the drive is the view of the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, the Cerro Aconcague (6.962 meters). The peak is about 16 km away from the highway though, so you’d need clear skies to be able to spot it.

The Cerro Aconcagua

22 February 2013 Jasper