Surf camp in the Canary Islands

Surf camp in the Canary Islands

Going surfing every now and then for a few hours isn’t going to turn you into a good surfer. To really learn it, you need to do it day in day out under the supervision of a professional surf instructor. A surf camp is the ideal option. Not only will you learn quickly, you’ll also meet a lot of fellow surfers who you can join on other surf adventurous at another time.

The Canary Island are a great option if you’re located in Europe. With several low cost carriers operating flights to the islands from most major European cities, you’ll be able to find a return ticket for under 200 euros most of the time.

Surfing in the Canary Islands

Most surf camps in the Canary Island are on the island of Fuerteventura, located about 60 miles west off the African coast. Due to the quality of it’s waves, the island is also known as the Hawaii of Europe. A genuine surfing paradise, where the sun almost always shines and surfing conditions are good all year round.

22 February 2013 Jasper