Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

Does your business or the work you do not only reflect but amplify your interests and passions?

Have you been focusing so much on growing your business, or working so hard that it’s come at the expense of having a lifestyle where you feel empowered and creatively expressed? Then read on…

If you’re excited about the promise and potential for entrepreneurship to provide financial freedom, but also insist on enjoying the ride, then you may just be a lifestyle entrepreneur!

That’s how my friend Jesse Krieger has approached starting over 5 businesses in the last 10 years, and now he literally wrote the book on how to become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

To celebrate the forthcoming release Lifestyle Entrepreneur he has put together an awesome online event called The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit taking place March 17-26 and I’m super excited to be a presenter (oh yeah, and I’m IN the book too 🙂 )

Tune in today at 11am PST / 6pm GMT to watch the interview live, or watch the replay at any time you like through this link:

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Lifestyle entrepreneurs are a relatively new breed of entrepreneurs who have fully integrated their interests and passions into a lifestyle of travel, freedom and opportunity.

Over the course of the summit, you’ll meet some of the top experts in the world, with 6 and 7-figure businesses who are excited to share their stories and strategies for how you can:

• Build a business that reflects and amplifies your passions • Turn your knowledge and experience into a best selling book • Have more energy and impact day-to-day in your business • Effectively coach others to expand your impact and income

• And much much more…