Udemy – The Traveling Dutchman

Udemy – The Traveling Dutchman

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Rob used to be a graphic designer, doing various poorly paid jobs for various people, but that’s all he knew about. He was really in a rat. Then the internet came along and he build his site robcubbon.com trying to find more jobs for his graphic design.

Rob currently travels the world while working on his laptop, making over $4000 a month on a platform called Udemy.Read more

The year 2015 is the year of Udemy for me. My goal is to have ten courses live by January 1st 2016. My secondary goal is to make $10,000 of my courses by the same date. Although I prefer to set goals in terms of things that I can control, I wanted to add a financial goal to this challenge to keep me focussed. Read more