Seven Reasons to Visit Iceland in the Summer

Seven Reasons to Visit Iceland in the Summer

My trip to Iceland is almost over. In one week I’ve hiked up a volcano, walked on a glacier, saw geysers, waterfalls and lava fields, learned about the history of the country, saw some awesome sunsets and went whale watching and visited three small towns.

It made me realize how much this country has to offer and what a great destination it is, especially in the summer. In fact, I’m already planning my next visit! Here are seven reasons to visit Iceland in the summer.

1. Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. With a population of only 170,000, the city feels more like a big village than a capital. During the summer the cities internationally recognized art and music scene and it’s vibrant nightlife really come to life. The city also hosts some great restaurants where you can enjoy some of the freshest seafood delicacies on the planet.

2. Daylight

Darkness almost doesn’t exist in the summer in Iceland. Between 1am and 3am it gets a little dusky, the rest of the day it’s super bright. This is great! The extra daylight gives you more flexibility in terms of the activities you engage in. It also gives you a ton of energy. You can get by on four to five hours of sleep without getting tired.

3. Unique Natural Beauty

Iceland is home to a lot of the most extreme natural phenomenons on the planet. Active volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, black sand beaches, roaring rivers, waterfalls and bright green valleys make Iceland a unique place on our planet. The summertime is when all of these can be enjoyed to the fullest.

4. No crowds

Iceland is the least densely populated country in Europe. You only have to share the 100.000 square kilometers of natural awesomeness with only 300.000 souls.

5. Whale Watching

Iceland is one of the top countries in the world for whale watching. These majestic creatures seem to enjoy the chilly waters around Iceland’s coastline. The best time of the year to spot them is June to August. The most common visitors are the Mink whales, but if you’re lucky you can also spot Orcas, Sperm whales or great Humpbacks. As an added bonus, dolphins often join the tour.

6. Easy to get to

Most airlines only operate flights to Iceland in the summer, including a number of low cost airlines such as German Wings, Vueling and Wow. You can fly to Iceland from almost anywhere in Europe as well as from many places in the US.

7. It’s affordable

As a result of the financial crisis of 2008, the Icelandic Krone has lost a lot of its value. This means you get more Kronas for your Dollar, Euro or whatever your home currency is.

 What do you think is the best reason to visit this amazing country?