How To Craft The Perfect Airbnb Title

How To Craft The Perfect Airbnb Title

The main promotion avenue for your Airbnb listing is the Airbnb search results. This is where potential guests shop for relevant listings.

When your listing pops up, the first thing a user will see is the title of your listing along with the primary photo of your home.

These two pieces of information are what will burn an indelible first impression into the mind of the user. Accordingly, these components must be of the highest quality if you expect guests to inquire further.

Good titles come in all sorts of flavors. There is no precise formula that should be employed when drafting a title. There are, however, a few guidelines that you should follow.

1. Use The Space Provided

You have 35 characters at your disposal. That’s 35 high value positions for critical advertising. Don’t let this space go to waste! Use all of your available characters in an efficient and descriptive manner.

2. Don’t Mention Aspects That Are readily Apparent

When users are searching for an apartment, the base search criteria usually include the city. Therefore, it is redundant to include the name of your city in the title (i.e. “Paris Condo With Terrific View”). Additionally, when the search results populate on Airbnb, there is some information that appears alongside the primary photo and the title. The neighborhood, for example, is shown in the search snippet. Again, it is useless to place this information in the title.

3. Highlight Your Property’s Best Asset

If the best feature of your apartment is the spacious, south-facing balcony with a collection of comfy outdoor chairs, then consider mentioning this in your title. For example, your title could be “luxury apt w spacious sunny balcony.” Folks who are looking for a sun-filled getaway will be drawn to your title.

4. Make It Catchy And Inviting

You have a brief moment to ensnare a potential customer. They will take a split second glance at your title and instantaneously decide whether or not to delve further. So, make your title a catchy one. Make sure to use descriptive and warm phrases such as “perfect location,” “luxurious,” or “incredible amenities.”

5. Cater To A Specific Crowd

If your apartment is especially suitable for certain types of guests, direct your marketing their direction. For example, many guests have mentioned how my space is perfect for couples. This is because I have two separate bedrooms on opposite sides of my apartment, which provides ample privacy for both sets of couples. This has led me to include the wording “perfect for couples” in my title. Consequently, couples searching for a space are more likely to check out my listing and make a booking.

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