Travel Apps for iPhone – Must-Have Apps when Traveling

Travel Apps for iPhone – Must-Have Apps when Traveling

Soon after I started traveling, my iPhone became my most important travel accessory. It has been so useful and has literally saved me many times from getting lost, finding my hotel and missing my flight. Below you will find an overview of my favorite travel apps for iPhone. As I find more apps I will add them to this list so check back regularly for updates!

Travel Apps for iPhone


I always get local simcards wherever I travel (my iPhone is unlocked). This means my phone number changes all the time. The great thing about whatsapp is that you can keep the number that you used to sign up, even though you are using a different sim. You can also easily send pictures and chat in groups.


I’ve used the flashlight app many times. Traveling in remote areas means electricity cuts can occur at any time and often there is no street lighting. If you happen to find yourself in a situation desperate for light and you don’t have the flashlight app installed, make pictures with flash. Not ideal, but it helps!

Great, easy to use app for booking hotels. In my experience, has the best prices most of the time. They also often offer free cancelation so you can book a room and cancel it later if your plans change or you find something better. Make sure to check the latest date that you can cancel!


This app should be installed on every travelers iPhone. Read reviews of hotels, things to do, attractions and much more. I almost never book a hotel room without consulting Tripadvisor first. Even in the most remote places you’ll find someone has been there before and rated your hotel!


Kayak is my favorite flight search engine. It has excellent filter options and it’s very user friendly. I specifically like the fact that you can filter by airline alliance and set travel dates to flexible, not just a few days around your date, but up to a full month. You can also save trips and they offer price alerts, which can be very useful.


Foursquare is the best app to find good restaurants, bars and clubs. It tracks your location so you can easily see what’s around you. It’s easy to integrate with other social platforms like Facebook, which is cool as you can keep track of what places your friends have been to and read their reviews.


The best app for finding private rooms, apartment and houses for short term renting. Often it’s cheaper to stay at somebodies place than staying at a hotel, especially when traveling with a group. You can also use the app to manage your own Airbnb listing if you have one.


One of my biggest struggles while traveling has been signing documents. Where do you find a printer when you’re staying somewhere in a small hut on a remote island? And a scanner? Enter Docusign. This app allows you to simply sign any document, from your smartphone!

If you know any great travel apps for iPhone, please comment and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!