Fly Like a Bird in Butuan: Asia's Longest Zipline

Fly Like a Bird in Butuan: Asia's Longest Zipline

Although I’m not against checking out touristy destinations featuring famous highlights, I also really enjoy going to less well known off-the-beaten-trek places. I like to just stroll around, take in the atmosphere and experience normal, local life.

My visit to Butuan, The Philippines, definitely falls into the latter category. As it turned out though, there is something really cool to do here: it features the longest zipline in Asia.

The zipline is one of the activities offered by Delta Discovery Park, located in a mountainous area just 20 minutes outside the city.

Upon arrival at the park, you’ll have to take a ride in a jeep to get to the starting point, on top of a hill. This ride is an adventure in itself, as the jeep struggles to climb the steep, narrow path leading up the hill.

When you reach the top of the hill, you can enjoy a great view over the surrounding mountains, dense forests and the city of Butuan in the back. Just this view is already worth the 650 Pesos (US$14) fee.

After a quick instruction session by one of the friendly staff members, I was told to lie down in a harness “Superman Style.” I heart started pounding a little as I looked down into the valley below me.

The zipline spans over 1.3 kilometers and takes you through two valleys. In between you’ll pass through a section that is carved out of a mountain, adding to the adrenaline rush. After a few security checks, a staff member released me. I felt like I was flying!

After an exhilarating ride, a few iron blocks on the zip-line will slow you down. This is the only point during the ride that you need to pay attention, as you hit the first block at quite high speed. Make sure you face the ground as you hit it, this way the shock doesn’t impact your neck as much!

Did you ever go on a zip-line? Tell me about your experience!