Siargao Surfing: The Famous Cloud 9 Surf Break

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Siargao Surfing: The Famous Cloud 9 Surf Break

Surfing Cloud9

When you think of surfing in Asia, Indonesia (Bali in particular) probably comes to mind first. But one of the best surf spots lies on the island of Siargao in The Philippines.

It's signature break is called Cloud9. This right-breaking reef wave provides surfers with excellent surf opportunities and has a reputation for thick, hollow tubes.

Surf competitions are being held there twice a year. To provide viewers with a good vantage point to watch the action, a long walkway has been built that leads to a three level viewing deck.

On my last visit to the island, I spent a few hours taking pictures with my newly bought camera.

So for all the surfers out there who are considering a visit to Siargao island, this is what the surfing at Cloud9 looks like!


Check for an live update on Siargao Island surf conditions. Also check out my other post about Siargao Island and The Philippines!

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11 thoughts on “Siargao Surfing: The Famous Cloud 9 Surf Break

By Dara on 1 November 2013

I would LOVE to come in Siargao but im just starting to try surfing, would you recommend the place for beginners? When is the best time to visit the place??? Hope for your advise. I am a fan now of your site. Keep me posted:)

By Jasper Ribbers on 1 November 2013

Hey Dara thanks for commenting! Yes, Siargao is perfect for beginners. Surf lessons are very affordable and widely available, you'll love it!

You can go any time really, it might rain a bit more during some months then others. Let me know if you have more questions!

By Marco on 2 November 2013

I went there once and i tried surfing!

By Marco on 1 December 2013

We surf on the other spot as suggested by our guide

By the epic duo @ d coconut life blog on 21 November 2013

wow had no idea that island even existed - and I'm from there lol

haha looks pretty sweet - maybe a little sweeter than the ones here in Costa Rica...

gonna venture down south east soon!

Pura vida - and hope all is great with you!

By Jasper Ribbers on 21 November 2013

Yeah when you're back in the Phillies you have to check it out, it's amazing!

By james on 13 March 2014

i am happy u like siargao.. i am from surigao city the capital of surigao del norte where siargao is located. i u like too.. island tour is popular too.

By Jasper Ribbers on 13 March 2014

Hey James, thanks for stopping by. Would love to check out your city sometime, I've heard about it. I believe there is a ferry that connects Surigao to Siargao.

By Jasper on 16 December 2015

You'll love it there Curtiss!

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