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Top 5 Holiday Destinations for 2015

Top 5 holiday destinations in 2015

As we begin a new year, people around the world are already considering their first holiday of 2015. Which destinations are predicted to be the hottest choices for this year?

New Zealand

For nature lovers, New Zealand’s South Island provides the chance to observe wildlife such as fur seals and bottlenose dolphins. Overnight cruises on the sounds are a popular destination

Koyasan, Japan

This sacred site of a Buddhist monastery is celebrating its 1200th anniversary in 2015 which has helped to make it a popular travel destination. You can even stay over-night at some of the temples there to experience a monk’s lifestyle including morning prayers and monk’s vegetarian dishes called shojin-ryouri.


Located south-west of the African continent, Namibia provides some of the most unique landscapes in the world, for fish river canyon, which explains why it’s one of 2015’s top destinations.


Most people that visit Macau come for the gambling, especially those who regularly plays mobile casino such as With numerous casinos, the Cotai Strip is the hottest place to gamble in the world.


For art connoisseurs, Belgium is the place to visit in 2015. The Beaux-Art Mons pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh with a special exhibit in his honor.

As you plan your holiday for the new year, which destinations will you choose?

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Holiday Destinations for 2015

By Shuoz10 on 16 March 2015

I don’t know….the New York Times said Philly beats all of those places.

By Helen on 17 March 2015

I want to visit Japan this spring and New Zealand after.
I love the spring in Japan, I like when everything comes back to life in a multitude of colors.

By Jill Medina on 29 March 2015

I found your site because you followed me on IG! Thanks. Hope you can visit the beaches of Philippines soon!

By Fabiana on 8 April 2015

Japan! I am going in a few months. can’t wait. Koyasan isn’t in my plas but I’m still very excited.

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