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Yacht Week Croatia: The Ultimate Survival Guide

When I first heard of The Yacht Week Croatia, it didn’t take me very long to make the decision to go. Cruising around the Croatian islands on a sailing yacht with a bunch of friends and about 50 other yachts with people from all around the world? Sounds like something I might enjoy! 🙂

To get an idea what The Yacht Week is about, check out the official trailer. Watched it? Ok, so now you want to go as well. Good news, I’ve written an extensive guide that will help you get the most out of it!

The Yacht Week is a yearly event held in several countries. It started in Croatia and this destination is the most popular one. It runs every week during the summer months July and August.

The Yacht Week Croatia

There are two routes, the “Red Route” and the “Black Route.” Both routes visit the same locations: the islands of Hvar, Vis and Solta. Routes combine in Hvar and visit the other locations on separate days.

It really doesn’t matter which route you choose. The only difference is the departure harbor, but this isn’t known yet at the time of booking.

The Yacht Week in Croatia

Which yacht to choose

The best yachts by far are the catamarans. They are much more spacious than the other yachts, and while that might seem like a small thing while you’re sitting at your computer – it makes a great deal of difference for how comfortable you will be when you’re jammed in a tiny, hot bedroom cabin with your friend while the waves throw you around.

The rear back area is perfect for sunbathing and the roof is a great vantage point. Another advantage of this yacht is that they are very suitable for boat parties. This is great if you want to meet people and socialize.

In the picture you see our yacht, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42i with three bedrooms and two people sleeping in the saloon. It was a bit small for eight people and a challenge to find space for our bags. But, when you’re out on the sea and the sun is shining, you can’t complain :).

Comfy on the boat

When to book

The second the bookings open up on December 1st. Trust me, the Croatia route is very popular and most boats will get booked within a few hours. This is particularly true for the all guy boats. The website can get very overloaded during the first few hours so it can be tough to book your yacht. Get a few friends together and keep trying, this way you have the best chance of getting the yacht you want.

The skipper

You can either bring your own skipper or have The Yacht Week assign you one. I recommend the latter. These skippers know what’s going on and how to get the most out of the experience.

The Yacht Week skippers are from all around the world. My skipper was Croatian, which was great. He knew some great local spots and helped us out when having to deal with the locals. That is, when he wasn’t sleeping :D.

Skipper sleeping

A hostess?

You can choose to have a hostess onboard. I don’t see the value in this. You have to pay extra and you will have one less spot on the boat. Yeah it’s nice to have someone cook and clean up but you will probably end up eating in restaurants a lot anyway. If cleanliness is key to you being comfortable, this is probably the only reason for a hostess.

Getting there

The nearest airport is Split Airport. You’re not going to be the only one who is going to fly into Split during the yacht week, so I suggest you book flights as soon as you’ve booked your yacht. Check for major airline flights. Not all low-cost carriers show up here though and many have seasonal flights. You can find an overview of all airlines on the Wikipedia page of Split Airport.

Given limited flight availability, it’s often cheap to arrive a day or two earlier or depart later. In that case, you should take the opportunity to check out Split. It’s a really cool city and has great nightlife in the summer.

Where to stay in Split

I recommend you stay at a hotel downtown to be within walking distance of the bars and clubs. Agoda is by far the cheapest hotel booking website with discounts up to 75%. I just checked them for you and I found some amazing deals.

Please note that the prices can change quickly, so hurry up if you want to book something! Just click on the link and enter the date.

  1. Bellevue Hotel
    Perfect location and very affordable. I stayed here myself, it’s located at the start of the boulevard.
    Screenshot | Book here
  2. Rooms Toni Palace
    Another great option, on the boulevard and right next to one of the most popular bars. You can crawl back to your room!
    Screenshot | Book here
  3. Radisson Blue
    A little away from the center, but this hotel is amazing! I had friends staying here and when I went to see them I wished I would have stayed at this place. Has a private beach and awesome views, specially at night.
    Screenshot | Book here


There are some cool activities along the way. Instead of sleeping off your hangover until 3pm I suggest you get up early and check these places out, it’s worth it!

Blue Caves

The Blue Cave is connected to the ocean, making for quite a nice blue light coming in. Jump of your yacht and peddle over in your dingy. The cave entrance is fairly small, so watch out for your head.

Green Caves

This cave provides a nice 40 ish feet high cliff jump. A nice height, quite scary but as long as you hold you body straight and hit the water with your feet first you should be ok.

Green Caves Croatia Yacht Week

It’s a bit tricky to climb up as the rocks are quite sharp, especially the first few meters. A pair of Crocs would be ideal. It’s worth the climb though. The water is quite deep so you don’t have to worry about hitting the ocean floor. You can see here what it looks like:

If you’re a dare devil, in the middle of the cave there is a hole in the ceiling. It’s big enough to crawl through, holding yourself onto the ceiling before dropping down. It’s significantly higher than the jump outside the cave.

Submarine tunnel

During the cold war this tunnel was used as a submarine hideout. It provides an excellent opportunity for cliff jumping. It’s higher than the cliff at the Green Caves. Be careful though, one guy dislocated his shoulder upon landing during my Yacht Week. Make sure to jump down pencil style. Not like my friends in the picture below, although they got away with without any major injuries.

Submarine Tunnel Yacht Week

Looks pretty scary right? It’s an 18 meter jump, or about 60 feet. You wonder why it needs to be that high for a submarine to hide in :D.

Fun things to do on the boat

Sailing is quite fun, but there are other fun things to do on a sailing yacht. Have two people in the water holding on to a rope attached to the boat. Now drive the boat full speed and see who can hold on the longest.

Fun on the boat

My favorite is the ‘mast-sling’. Attach a fender to a rope attached to the top of the mast. Now stand on the side of the boat. Have your skipper make a sharp turn, jump off the boat and enjoy the ride. Make sure you release the rope before you crash into the yacht. This is what it looks like:

Playing your favorite tunes on your boat is an essential part of The Yacht Week. External speakers aren’t allowed so you’ll have to use the boat’s internal speaker system. We had a lot of fun cruising around, drinking a beer and playing some really good music, as you can see here:


One of the things that make The Yacht Week cool is that you get the chance to meet a lot of people. Here are some tips that will help you make some friends.

Start meeting people early on

As the week progresses, people will start forming groups and will be less open to meet others. That’s why it’s best to start meeting people early on. Invite others to have a drink at your boat or walk around to meet people on other boats. There is a period of time every day, especially in the beginning, where people will sit on their own boats waiting for the party to start.

Crewboat party Yacht Week

Don’t be the one waiting for someone else to do something – be willing to grab a group of friends, a bottle of something good, and bring some energy to other boats and get the party started. You can be a mobile party going to other boats and getting their energy up and their day/night started, and this will pay off in you knowing a lot of people in a good light.

Sail together

During the day you will be sailing to the next destination. There is plenty of time to stop a few times to swim and relax. Talk to the people you like and suggest sailing together. If you get a few boats together, you can form a circle somewhere and create a swimming pool.

Even better, if you can arrange it, it is good to have your whole crew jump on another boat or have a whole crew jump on your boat. You will sail for up to 3 hours some days, and having 16 people on your boat will be much more entertaining and will provide a great way to make solid new friends. In this case, be sure your boats stick together and possibly switch boats part way through so you’re not abandoning your skipper.

Sailing together also gives you the option to dock next to your newly made friends, making it much easier to keep in touch.

Crew boat party

During the week a day party will take place on the crew boat. Tickets will be sold a few hours in advance. As there is limited space, make sure you find out where you can buy tickets and show up early! This party is super fun and a great way to meet some fellow The Yacht Week participants.

The marinas

Try to get to the marinas early on. This increases the chances of getting a good spot. Some marinas have limited space. Boats that show up late in the day will have to anchor outside the marina. This is annoying, as you’ll have to get a water taxi to get to shore. You also won’t be able to use all the marina facilities like water and electricity.

Marina Palmizana Island

Especially the first day when you check into your boat, you should arrive early. That way you don’t have to wait in line too much and when the crown arrives your boat will be ready so you can start meeting people as they arrive.

In the marinas you won’t be allowed to play music in the evenings though. There are marina officials walking around noting down the names of the yachts that don’t obey this rule. You’ll be fined around 750 Kunas (USD 130) but worse, you jeopardize the future of The Yacht Week.

Restaurant recommendations

In Croatia there are many small restaurants serving local freshly caught fish and local lamb. They serve a special dish known as “Peka” which involves slow cooking lamb or octopus for five hours. The octopus has a flavor and texture you won’t find anywhere else, while the lamb is very tender and also delicious but less unique.

Croatian Peka

Your skipper will have to call ahead to a restaurant if you would like to try Peka because they must begin cooking it early in the day. You cannot show up to a restaurant and order Peka.

On Vis Island, between Vis and Komeza, there is a restaurant called Golub. The Lamb Peka was really good here. The restaurant is in the hills. A pick-up and return service is available. If you want to try the Peka, make sure to call the restaurant at least five hours in advance.

In Komeza there is a great place to eat fish. The restaurant is called Barba and it’s located in the corner of the bay. Don’t eat in the restaurants on the main boulevards. These are all tourist traps, service is bad, it’s overpriced and the food isn’t great.

Great fish Restaurant Komeza



You will only have electricity to charge electronics in the harbors (unless you have a car 12v converter). If you have a lot of electronics to charge, consider getting one of these solar powered chargers.


It’s possible to request WiFi on your yacht. Ask your skipper to arrange this for you. The connection won’t be very fast but you will be able to check your emails.

The Yacht Week Croatia Bay


It’s a good idea to get a Croatian sim card. They are pretty cheap and the 3G will come in very useful.


Before you sail, make sure you do a headcount! It’s not uncommon for people to end up sleeping on a different boat after a night of partying. We accidently left behind one of our crew members twice.


On most islands there are ATM’s available that accept international cards. Credit cards aren’t always accepted, especially not at the parties that are organized by The Yacht Week. The marina in Palmizana island (close to Hvar) there is only one ATM so if you need cash don’t wait till the last moment before leaving as there might be a big line.

Be aware that not everything is included in the price of the yacht. You will have to pay for the gas (ours was 1000 Kuna for the whole week), marina fees (200 to 700 per night) and water taxis (20 to 40 per ride). Also, you have to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for your skipper. In addition, it’s common to tip the skipper at the end of the week.

The Yacht Week Croatia Regatta

What to bring

Audio cable

As external sound systems are not allowed, the only way to play music is through the internal speaker system. You will need a jack-to-jack audio cable for this. Bring a couple, some yachts will inevitably forget to bring this in which case you will make them very happy.


Although you will have the opportunity to buy drinks in the marinas, it doesn’t hurt to have a good supply stocked up. The last thing you want is having a great party going on and run out of booze. Also bring lots of water!

Food packages

TYW offers a few pre-packed food packages, which also includes drinks and general household goods such as toilet paper, plastic plates & utensils etc. I got the luxury package, but I don’t recommend getting one. You’ll have plenty opportunity to stock up on groceries in the marinas and there is limited space to stock everything. It also includes a lot of stuff that you won’t use. Like 400 multi-colored straws.

Don’t bring too much stuff!

There is not much storage space on the boat so it’s best not to bring big suitcases. You won’t need a lot of clothes as you’ll be wearing your swimming gear most of the time. The parties don’t have dress codes so don’t worry about bring anything fancy.

The Yacht Week Croatia Vis Island

Medical supplies

Jumping from yacht to yacht at 2am in the morning finding the best boat party is a lot of fun, but believe it or not, it’s not completely without hazards. Scratches, bruises, cuts are more the rule than the exception after a few days on The Yacht Week. A few packs of bandages and disinfectants will come in very handy.


No, not the kind that will make you see pink elephants flying around the boat. I mean the pharmaceutical type. The sea can be rough and leaning over the reeling to throw up every 10 minutes is not fun. Anti sea sickness pills prevent this. Also bring painkillers and anti diarrhea pills.


Ladies leave your high heels at home. Slippers are an option but there is a fair chance you’ll hurt your toes at some point. Boat shoes are the way to go.


We brought some floaties, which provided a lot of water fun. Noodles would have been great to have as well. If you want to mess around with other boats you can bring water guns and water baloons.

The Yacht Week bring inflatables

You should also bring a country flag, or multiple if you have an international crowd. If you really want to make your boat stand out, cool party lighting (anything from lasers to spotlights to those multicolored disco things) will make you the clear place for people to collect at night when the marinas make you turn off the music and everyone’s after partying.

Another fun thing to bring is a matching piece of clothing, like swimming wear. The more colorful and/or unusual, the more street cred you get for your crew.

Sleeping aids

If you are looking to sleep long hours, you probably shouldn’t join The Yacht Week in the first place. Sleeping conditions are far from ideal. Expect any of the following: a small bed, no air conditioning, loud noise, crew members walking into your bedroom (or random people), a rocking boat causing you to roll around your bed and your roommate hooking up with someone next to you. A few earplugs and a sleeping blindfold can be very useful.

That’s it! Visit the website of The Yacht Week for more information or ask me anything you want to know in the comment box below. Or, if you’ve been on The Yacht Week yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

*update: lot’s of people have asked me about the pricing details of a Yacht Week Croatia trip, so I’ve included a picture of the costs breakdown below.

Yachtweek costs

Short clarification: my yacht had 8 sleeping spots, 3 double rooms and two people in the saloon. One spot is taken by the skipper, so the costs are divided over the other seven. The luxury package included food, alcoholic drinks and household goods for one week.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it. If you have any questions, comment below and I will respond as soon as possible! You can also sign up for my newsletter and get notified about new posts.

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78 thoughts on “Yacht Week Croatia: The Ultimate Survival Guide

By Scott on 21 July 2013

Nice post, I’ve done Yachtweek BVI this year. Will do Croatia next year hopefully. The sling on the boat looks like a lot of fun!

By Jasper Ribbers on 23 July 2013

I’m thinking about doing BVI next March. This time I want to get the catamaran though 😀

By RD on 29 January 2014

How did you like BVI? Would you be able to email or reply with some pros and cons? We are coming from Miami so we are ready to party hard and have 5 ladies and 5 guys. Thinking of Croatia 2015 or BVI 2015. Thanks

By Marius on 22 July 2013

Great guide Jasper!

What’s your favourite island in Croatia?

By Jasper Ribbers on 22 July 2013

Thanks Marius! I’d say Vis was my favorite. Not as busy as Hvar and amazing Peka!

By Marius on 24 July 2013

Cool! I think you could write 1 article about all the best dishes in the world, right?

By Allison on 7 August 2013

How bad was not having air conditioning? Livable?

By Jasper Ribbers on 7 August 2013

It did get quite warm in the mornings after the sun came out making it hard to sleep in late. I was told some of the Catamarans have reasonable air conditioning.

By Drew on 11 August 2013

Great post Jasper, I wish I would’ve had it before going! Do you think that your mate was mad that you left him behind?

By Jasper Ribbers on 7 October 2013

Hey Drew, I think he was ok after he caught up with us 🙂

By Khalil on 7 October 2013

Thanks for the great post!
I’m planning on doing yacht week next July, with a group of 4-5 friends.
I’m wondering how much does it cost to hire a yacht? How much did your yacht cost? The website doesn’t show any prices atm since booking is closed..

By Jasper Ribbers on 7 October 2013

Hi Khalil, thanks for stopping by. Our yacht came to about 900 euros per person, including most expenses (skipper, food & drinks, tickets to the parties etc). This was one of the cheaper options.

I’ll email you a picture of the breakdown.

By Hannah on 14 October 2013

Loving some of these tips!!

Is there any chance you could also email me the breakdown of your costs – we are trying to get as much sorted as possible before the booking opens later this year, and a guide of prices would definitely help a couple of people make their minds up.

We ideally want to look at a Catamaran – but realistically we may be looking at the mono’s

Thank you 🙂

By Jasper Ribbers on 14 October 2013

Hey Hannah! The Catamarans are awesome, but not cheap. I’ll gonna add the breakdown to this post so other can see as well.


By Hannah on 15 October 2013

That’s brill!! Thanks 🙂 🙂

By Jasper Ribbers on 16 October 2013

No worries, let me know if you have more questions!

By Toussaint on 24 October 2013


Where is the best place to fly into for the Croatia trip, and do you have to arrange your own land arrangements to get to the marina?


By Jasper Ribbers on 24 October 2013

Hey Toussaint, it’s best to fly to Split airport. From there, you can either take a taxi or arrange with Yachtweek to be picked up. This can be arranged after you’ve booked your Yacht.

By JILLIUM on 3 April 2014


I am doing TYW Croatia end of June and am currently on the hunt for my round trip. When was the best time to book your flight? Right now the price is about $1,900 from DC. (Arriving 6/26, doing Yacht Week then renting a car to explore Budvar and Mostar then flying back home 7/12).

Let me know if that price is expected or if it is just inflated and I should wait on booking.

By Jasper Ribbers on 4 April 2014

Hi Jillium, I would not wait. I don’t see prices coming down as your travel dates are in a very popular period. Your best bet is to see if you can fly to a nearby city and book a separate flight from there.

For example, you can fly round trip DC to Belgrade for $1115 and book separate Belgrade – Split for $184. Maybe you can spend a day or two in Belgrade, worth checking out. See details below.

To find cheaper options, try searching on for DC to Europe. Also check out to see if you can combine with a low-cost airline that doesn’t show up on major search engines.

Good luck!

Depart: Thu Jun 26 Return: Sat Jul 12 +1 day (Trip spans 17 days)

IAD 2:45p → BEG 12:20p 15h 35m 1 stop (SVO)
BEG 12:50a → IAD 12:55p 18h 05m 1 stop (SVO)

Depart: Fri Jun 27 Return: Fri Jul 11 (Trip spans 15 days)

Croatia Airlines
BEG 5:55p → SPU 7:00p 1h 05m nonstop
SPU 4:20p → BEG 5:20p 1h 00m nonstop

By Chris on 6 November 2013

Hey, really enjoyed this read. Thanks for the info! We’re looking to book Aug. 2014 and this article was very helpful!

– C

By Jasper Ribbers on 6 November 2013

Thanks Chris! Let me know if you have any questions and have fun!

By Dean on 1 December 2013

Hey Jasper, great article!

We have just booked our yacht for next Summer in Croatia, cannot wait! Was just wondering if you could shed some light on what the ‘Comfort package’ is in the price breakdown. It seems to be added on automatically with no explanation of what it is!

Also, do the internal speaker systems have AUX cable in/outputs on all yachts? I read on another article you may need to make a mixtape on a CD!


By Jasper Ribbers on 4 December 2013

Hi Dean! Our yacht had a AUX and I believe all others did as well, but since music is such an essential part of the experience I wouldn’t take any chances if I were you. Takes 10 minutes to create a CD ;-).

I can’t remember what that comfort package was, I will ask Yacht Week and will get back to you.


By Jasper Ribbers on 15 December 2013

Hi Dean,

the comfort package included towels, bedding and final cleaning of the yacht.


By Karen on 25 December 2013

What week(s) are the preferred weeks to attend? Seems you can go any week from end of June through Sept. Thanks!

By Jasper Ribbers on 11 January 2014

Hi Karen, yes you can go any week, July is most popular I think.

By Estelle on 11 January 2014

How many days prior to the trip did you get into Split?

By Jasper Ribbers on 11 January 2014

I got in two days before as I wanted to check out the city, but you don’t have to necessarily.

By Zaira on 28 February 2014


Your blog is super helpful! So, my friends and I are definitely doing Croatia Yacht week in August. But it’s always been on my bucket list to do two – three weeks worth of backpacking through Europe. Yacht week seems like a crazy trip that might actually wear me out. Do you think it’s a bad idea to do Yacht week then do two weeks of back packing to greece italy and a couple of other countries? Or do you think I should do it before?

Thank you for your input 🙂


By Jasper Ribbers on 2 March 2014

Hey Zaira,

Yeah it will be intense, so I would do the backpacking first. That way you don’t have to hold back and you can do Yachtweek properly. You can sleep on the plane ride home ;-).

By AnonyMOOSE on 5 May 2014

Hey man,

Your blog is excellent!!! And thanks for the detailed price breakdown. I’m wondering if you remember how much you spending money you went through on TYW? I’m thinking it’ll be around 70 euro per day between food, drink, pre-party, party and post-party. Any advice would be appreciated.


By Jasper Ribbers on 6 May 2014

Hey Moose, thanks man good to hear you find it useful. As for the costs, I bought the food package so we had food and drinks on the boat. I still spend some money in restaurants and bars though. I think 70 euros a day should be enough if you don’t go crazy buying expensive mixer drinks.


By william king on 7 May 2014

hey jasper, your info is really helpful I am surprised there aren’t a lot more TYW experience reviews like yours….. I am thinking of going for june week 25 with my girl friend , I’m 22 and she is 20 … as it is just me and her going and we will have too join a group of others , we are a bit worried about being able too get into the party atmosphere soughta thing , because we won’t know anyone else there….. is everybody really friendly and that soughta thing and everybody gets involved ?
thanks jasper

By Jasper Ribbers on 7 May 2014

Hi William, I wouldn’t worry if I were you. I’m sure you’ll make friends real quick, it’s very easy to meet people on Yachtweek. For starters you’ll get to know the others on your Yacht and will most likely end up going to the parties together I assume. Enjoy!

By Eric Alderman on 14 May 2014

Hi Jasper — My girlfriend and I and a friend are planning to go to TYW this year in early August. We want to rent a cabin rather than charter a whole boat, but I would really like to be on a catamaran. I sometimes get seasick and I think it will be more stable. Unfortunately all the cabin rental sites I found only do mono hull boats. Do you know of any site that rents cabins on catamarans? Alternatively, do you know a place where small groups that have chartered a boat might be looking for more people to join?


By T. Michelle on 29 June 2014

Hi Jasper, thanks for this detailed post about The Yacht Week. I’m going to Croatia in August (week 35) with a group of 7 from the USA. I’m super excited and trying to read everything I can to know what to expect. I have one question – how rough are the waters of Adriatic Sea? I sometimes get seasick so I’m a bit paranoid about getting sick. Do you have any tips to avoid it?


By Jasper Ribbers on 30 June 2014

Hey Michelle, thanks for leaving a comment. The waters are fairly quiet, it all depends a bit on the weather too but it should be sunny, warm and stable. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to bring some anti seasickness pills I suppose! Have fun!

By Sarah on 25 July 2014

Love the post! I can’t seem to find anywhere if you can just do say 3 nights!? Do you happen to know? 🙂

By Jasper Ribbers on 28 July 2014

Hi Sarah, you can discuss this with the other people on your yacht, but I assume that if you can’t find anyone who is willing to cover the other nights of the week, then you’ll have to pay for the whole week.

By elo boosting on 4 August 2014

Good post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on our website.

Keep up the great writing.

By deon on 15 December 2014

Super post Jasper! Made a lot of questions of mine clear. We’re a bunch of 4 South Africans looking to go through in July 2015, going to make the early bird bookings now! PS: I see packages on / etc. Does these websites have different/better rates and is it advisable to browse around for the best deal?

By Jasper Ribbers on 15 December 2014

Hey Deon! I’m not sure about those websites, I’d stick with TYW if I were you, then you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great time. Have fun!

By deon on 19 December 2014

Thanks! Will do.

By Jen on 5 January 2015


Great post 🙂 Me and 10 of my friends are booked for the first week of August on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509: 2014 50ft. We didn’t get a catamaran like we had hoped and but we’re still super excited and want to make sure we get the most out of our trip, planning each stop and being prepared in our packing. I get a bit claustrophobic and I’m a terribly light sleeper but I’m 100% ready to party for a week straight with no sleep if I need to… I am worried about the heat and tightness in the cabins though, is there any way a portable fan would work in there / would it have to be battery powered? Also, how long are you docked at each stop? Worst case scenario if a few of us wanted to spend a few hours or an evening at a hotel to rest up would that be possible? We really do love each other, but who knows what 7 days in a tight space with each other will encourage if some aren’t able to get enough sleep. Also, none of us have been to Croatia before, any other really cool “must dos” on land so we can plan which days we should have less of a hang over? 🙂

Thanks so much!

Jen x

By Jasper Ribbers on 15 January 2015

Hey Jen, it does get quite hot on the boat to be honest. A fan would definitely be a blessing! Electricity is limited on board, if you can find one that takes batteries I’d go for that. The boats dock at the marinas overnight, some islands will have hotels others don’t. You can discuss with your skipper how long you want to dock for, the times are quite flexible so you’ll have the possibility of seeing some cool stuff on land.

Have fun!

By Glau on 6 February 2015

Great post! I and a friend are planning to go to Croatia this year and there are many people recommending the catamarans but I can’t find an online company to book a cabin in one of them. offers only 42i yachts. Do you know any company that book catamaran cabins? Tks!

By Jasper Ribbers on 12 February 2015

Hi Glau, in my year the yachtweek was offering a few catamarans but not very many, I am not sure about other companies but you could try Sail Croatia.

By Diego Pecchini on 11 February 2015

Hey Jasper, great post, really helpful!

I just booked a catamaran for the week starting June 13th, we have to make the first payment in 24hs.

Me and my friends are really worried if the partying and the whole experience will be different from going in July, for example.

Have you heard anything about how it’s like in mid-June? Would really appreciate a quick reply.

Thanks a lot!

By Jasper Ribbers on 12 February 2015

Hi Diego, I am not sure how the parties are in June, my expectation is that it won’t be very different from July or August. Have fun and let me know how it was!

By Eric on 17 August 2015

With regards to going out to much of an additional cost is that every night? are there any cover charges to get into bars/clubs or was this included in your luxury package?

By Jasper on 26 August 2015

Cover charges aren’t included, the costs depend on what parties you go to but generally it wasn’t that expensive.

By Glau on 13 February 2015

I’ll check it then! Thanks!

By Lou on 25 February 2015

Hey Jasper, just wondering where the red route ends up after the croatia week. Does the yacht go back to the same Split marina or end up somewhere else?

Your blog post was very helpful, Thanks!

By Jasper Ribbers on 27 February 2015

Hi Lou, yes both routes end up back in the marina in Split.

By Diego Pecchini on 4 March 2015

Jasper, quick question, at what time on the last day does it all END? I’m making flight arrangements for that last day and it’s important to know if you don’t arrive at the marina late in the day
Thank you!

By Jasper Ribbers on 23 April 2015

Hi Diego, we arrived in the marina on Friday night and so most of us flew out on Saturday.

By Ilana Santiago on 20 April 2015

Hey Jasper, really helpful post!

I’m going to do YW this summer, week 29. There are 3 routes on this week (black, red and Ultra Route), which one do you think is better? We have some friends that are going to do Black route, but we would like to enjoy Ultra beach in Hvar. Do you know which is the difference between those routes? I know that black and red routes are the same destinations but in different orders, but I don’t know about ultra route. The YW informations wrote us saying that there is no problem go to ultra beach although we are on Black Route, but we are afraid to book a boring route.

I need an opinion 🙂

By Jasper Ribbers on 23 April 2015

Hi Llana, you can find more information about Ultra route here:

When I went the only routes where black and red, seems like Ultra is slightly different although most destinations are the same.

Have fun!

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By RS on 12 February 2016

Hi Jasper
Brilliant post! Think it covered pretty much everything I needed to know without being too long. Sorry for the girly question but was wondering if the catamaran has enough power to use a flat iron when at the marina or while sailing?

By Jasper on 12 February 2016

Thanks! Good question, I’m not sure to be honest.

By Sherri on 17 February 2016

Hi Jasper!! Great article. So my friend and I are interested in attend TYW in Croatia, last week of August. It’s just the two of us so we have to get a cabin. A little nervous abt this because we won’t know our cabin mates. We are New Yorkers so we have trust issues (lol!) Do you think this is a good idea or should we try and gather up a few friends and try for next year? I read that most of the younger Croatians speak English. Did your skipper speak well enough English? A little nervous that there may be a language barrier with our cabin mates. Did a lot of the party goers speak English when you went?

By Jasper on 19 February 2016

Hey Sherri, yeah they pick skippers that speak English. Not all skippers are Croatian btw. Most of the other participants will be international and most people will speak English so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

By Cesar on 10 March 2016

Great post bud.
For the food package you bought, which included alcohol (right?), what kind of booze do you get? Can you pick whatever you want?

By Jasper on 11 March 2016

Hi Cesar, there are different packages available, you can’t customize it though. Maybe if you ask them to change some bottles of Vodka for Rum or something they may do it.

By Marian on 7 June 2016

I’m going to Yacht Week Croatia, June 18-25, 2016. So excited! Thanks for the awesome post! Question: Do I need to convert money to Kuna or will Euros suffice at the island stops during Yacht Week?

By Jasper on 14 June 2016

I recommend you get Kunas, you may be able to pay with Euros but you’ll get a pretty bad exchange rate I think. Best is to get some cash from the ATM.

By erica on 17 July 2016

Hi there, Im looking to do TYW next year in 2017, but I also want to do ultra trying to decide what would be best do ultra separate first, then do the full TYW experience. or option 2 do TYW first and end in ultra? also would you recommend to get the hostess and food package??

By Jasper on 2 August 2016

I’d do Ultra first as you’ll probably be a bit tired after Yachtweek. I would get the food package, it saves a lot of time & hassle.

By Erik on 21 July 2016

Hey thanks for the blog. We are headed out the last weekend of August. Super pumped. I had a quick question about the Skipper’s tip. What would you suggest is appropriate? I don’t want to stiff the guy, but I don’t wanna send his kids to college either. Let me know! Thanks again.

By Jasper on 2 August 2016

Hi Erik, I think a few hundred euros would be a good guideline based on what I’ve heard.

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