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Road trip from Mexico to Colombia

Seven small countries separate Mexico from Colombia. Cruising from Mexico to Colombia you’ll cross seven countries: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, all rich in nature and culture.

Spending about 2 to 3 days per country and spanning over a distance of around 1000 miles, this road trip should be doable in three to four weeks. The best way would probably be to buy a car in Mexico and sell it upon arrival in Colombia.

Central America Map

Map of Central America

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7 thoughts on “Road trip from Mexico to Colombia

By Leslie on 13 March 2013

Hi! I’m from Colombia, it’s just amazing how you travel around the world…I think specially this trip is very interesting for the cultural and environmental activities that you could experience. Hope you schedule it soon and spend more than 3 days in Colombia, I’m sure you’re not going to regret.

By Jasper Ribbers on 14 March 2013

Hi Leslie, hopefully I can make this happen this year! Look forward to spending some time in your beautiful country!

By roberto on 19 December 2013

I’m from italy and i’m thinking to go from Mexico to colombia by car…
Would like to ask about each border you have to cross/(and relative problem with each custom)..and specially is the road from panama to colombia driveble with a van??
many thanks

By Jasper Ribbers on 9 January 2014

Hi Roberto! I haven’t actually done this trip yet, it’s on my bucket list ;-). I believe you have to take a boat to go from Panama to Colombia.

By Eric Vermaas Tomey on 26 December 2013

Beste Leslie

Ben van plan een idiote droom tot werkelijkheid te maken

El viaje en moto de Holanda hacia Colombia.

Is dit mogelijk, en hoe kan de planning verlopen. Voorbereiding

Tips, reisideen, papierwinkel, overzicht kosten enzovoort.

Wil dit binnen 2 jaar verwerkelijken.

Tuurlijk kan ik de motor via Rotterdam naar Cartagena laten vervoeren.

Maar dit is niet mijn plan, alhoewel in uiterste noodzaak.

Bedankt Eric

P.s Heb jaren in Colombia gewoond.

By Ian Green on 6 November 2016

Well, that was an interesting idea! I was looking for that, which lead me to this page, but other search results made me realise that basically there are no roads at all between Panama and Colombia through “the Darién Gap.” It is basically impassable. A few brave adventurers had succeeded, taking several months to get through the jungle at a hundred metres or so per hour, or not surviving at all. As a means to buy a car cheaper in Mexico or the United States and have an adventure or interesting trip through Central America, rather than paying double the price for a car in Colombia, this is not the way to save those thousands of dollar. … I guess we will have to fly. … But that would be an interesting tele-movie to watch, if you survive. 🙂

By Jasper on 22 December 2016

Hi Ian, good point indeed. There’s a boat I heard, I don’t know if it takes cars though…

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