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Managing Check-ins For Your Airbnb Listing

Airbnb Hosting while out of town

One of the reasons why I love Airbnb is that it enables me to travel. I make money everyday, even if I’m lounging at a beach in the south of Brazil or jumping off a ski lift in the Swiss Alps.

But when I first transitioned from fixed-term rentals to Airbnb, I was a bit dumfounded as how I could manage my budding business while maintaining my nomadic lifestyle.

How could it be possible to manage the cleanings and check-ins remotely? Whenever I speak with wannabe hosts, this is the first concern that pops up in conversation.

After a brief period of trial and error, I engineered a beautiful system that enabled me to run my business while on the road. That system utilizes my cleaner as the check-in manager for my property. It turned out to be a wonderfully efficient use of resources.

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Think about it like this: my cleaner has to come to my apartment in between guests to prepare it. So, I simply organized the cleanings so that they would conclude shortly before the arrival of my new guests. After the cleaning is done, she waits for the new guests to arrive. She then provides a brief tour of my apartment, explains how everything works, and hands over the keys. If any problems arise during the stay, she is always on standby. When my guests are ready to check out, they simply leave the keys inside of my apartment, lock the door from the outside, and go on their way. It is a completely automated system that has been running flawlessly for nearly two years. The best part about the deal is the cost. My cleaner charges me $85 per cleaning, which is an excellent rate considering the amount of value she provides.

My cleaner’s role in my Airbnb business is essential. If she forgets to show up at the apartment and she’s not reachable by phone, my listing will incur substantial damage to its reputation. In addition, I will potentially have to pay for alternative accommodation for my guests. As a result, I took great pains to select a top-notch cleaner that I could wholeheartedly rely on. I recommend that other nomadic Airbnb hosts select their check-in manager with the utmost care.

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A good candidate should be:

• Socially calibrated
• Always on standby in case of problems
• Responsible, reliable, and punctual
• In close proximity to the apartment

How do you find a good cleaner? This can be a bit difficult, but I have discovered a couple of great ways to do this. Firstly, you can simply negotiate an arrangement with an existing cleaning company. You can personally meet with their staff to ensure that the personalities will be a good fit.

Secondly, you can rely on word of mouth. Cleaners are often referred from friends or work colleagues. Lastly, you can contact nearby hotels and interview members of their maid staff. The good thing about these employees is that they will likely have very high cleaning standards. Accordingly, you can rest easy knowing that your apartment will always be cleaned professionally.

This is part one of the Airbnb Hosting Series, in which the author shares his knowledge on Airbnb hosting.

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By Karin on 22 December 2014 at 16:12

Hi Jasper,

Nice article. For Amsterdam hosts: you can always ask HolidayHost.nl for full service management, key-delivery and cleaning.
Contact [email protected]



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