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The Lifestyle Architects with Navid Moazzez

The Lifestyle Architects with Navid Moazzez

During my four years of traveling around the world I have met a lot of people who also chose to step out of the 9 to 5 environment and try something entrepreneurial. It’s always inspiring and interesting to see what these fellow globetrotters are up to, but some of them have really blown me away by what they’ve accomplished. Navid Moazzez is a good example and I’m honored to be featured on his business podcast, The Lifestyle Architects, which is ranked #2 in the iTunes business section!

Navid runs a popular personal branding website that he has built in under a year, while working a full time job. I know very few people who’ve put in so much effort and willingness to step outside the comfort zone and take action.

In the podcast we discuss the experiences I’ve had over the last few years starting several online businesses as well as how I’ve used my apartment as a way to support my travels by listing it on Airbnb. This is describer in detail in my new book that’s coming out soon: Get Paid For Your Pad. This book is an all-encompassing guide for Airbnb hosts. It explains how to successfully get started on Airbnb as well as advanced advice for current hosts who are looking to increase their income.

It turned out to be a really interesting talk, so check it out below! If it doesn’t load, you can go here instead.

If you want to get a sneak peak of the book, click here to download the first 30 pages for free!

2 thoughts on “The Lifestyle Architects with Navid Moazzez

Comment author said

By Navid Moazzez on 5 May 2014 at 12:38

Hey Jasper,

Thanks for the awesome write up and the very kind words, I really appreciate it! It was a pleasure having you on my show The Lifestyle Architects, I know a lot of people will get tons of value from it!

Keep up the awesome work!

– Navid


Comment author said

By Jasper Ribbers on 6 May 2014 at 07:42

Hey Navid, thanks for having me on the show and hope your podcast will be a huge success! You definitely made a great starting. Cheers!


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