15 Dinners in Hong Kong
05 april 2013 
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15 Dinners in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well known for its unlimited variety of foods. From little roadside stalls to high end restaurants and everything in between, Hong Kong has it all. Its food is heavily influenced by Cantonese cuisine as well as other regions of China, Japan, and South East Asia. Due to its past as a British colony, Hong Kong also hosts a wide variety of international restaurants as well.

Over the next two months, I will have 15 hand picked dinners.  Each one will be documented in this post. While it will be impossible to sample every available cuisine, I will do my best to get a good representation.

Day 1: Japanese Bean Sprout Ramen

Japanese Bean Sprout Ramen

Dish……….: Japanese Bean Sprout Ramen
Price……….: HKD 85 ($11)
Cuisine……: Japanese
Restaurant: Zabon Ramen
Ambiance..: Classic Ramen Shop
Location….: 39 Hollywood Road
More info…: Zabon Ramen on Foursquare

This famous Japanese noodle dish originated in China. There are many variations of this dish, but the one I ordered consisted of Chinese-style wheat noodles, a pork fillet, Japanese bean sprouts, egg, spring union, and fried onion served in a meat broth. It was very tasty and left me feeling satisfied but not stuffed.  The broth was salty with a hing of sweetness, and the meat was tender and well seasoned.  It combines well with a cold Kirin beer.

Day 2: Moroccan Lamb Stew

Maroccan Lamb Stew

Dish……….: Moroccan Lamb Stew
Price……….: HKD 150 ($19)
Cuisine……: Moroccan
Restaurant: Le Souk
Ambiance..: Middle Eastern
Location….: 4 Staunton Street
More info…: Le Souk on Foursquare

My favorite meat is lamb and they have a lot of that at Le Souk. There were an abundance of tantalizing options on the menu, but after a few minutes of quiet dliberation, I ended up going for the lamb stew.  It was absolutely yummie! Tender pieces of lamb mixed with potato, carrot, olives, dried abricots, and dates topped with almonds in a tangy sauce. Definitely the best Moroccan food I’ve ever had. My friend ordered their signature dish, Cous Cous Le Zouk, which looked amazing as well… I’ll have to go back and try that one soon :).

Day 3: Hotpot

Hot pot

Dish……….: Hot Pot
Price……….: HKD 200 ($25)
Cuisine……: Chinese
Restaurant: Spring Trinity
Ambiance..: Traditional Chinese
Location….: Shop 4, G/F, Gain Yu Building, 96-110 Wharf Road
More info…: Spring Trinity on Openrice

A must-eat when visiting China, the traditional Hot Pot has a tradition of over 1,000 years. A simmering pot with a stock is placed in the middle of the table and is heated throughout the dinner. A range of ingredients can be added to the pot, including chicken, thinly sliced meat, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and noodles. Just order what you like and throw it in the pot! As we opted for a spicy stock, I had to pause a few times during dinner to let my mouth cool down as it felt it was on fire. Food was good though, very fresh. All in all very good value for money as the price included several beers.

Day 4: Vietnamese Beef Mango

Vietnamese Beef Mango

Dish……….: Vietnamese Beef Mango
Price……….: HKD 108 ($14)
Cuisine……: Vietnamese
Restaurant: La’Taste
Ambiance..: Trendy
Location….: 1/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central
More info…: La’Taste on Openrice

La’Taste is the sister restaurant of the better known and award winning restaurant Nha Trang. The food equally good, but you don’t have to wait in line at La’Taste. I opted for the Beef Mango: beef cubes with mango, pineapple red wine sauce topped off with a few mint leaves. I had never tried this dish before and I was quite content with my choice! Very tasty, just like all the other dishes I’ve tried at this place. Recommended!

Day 5: Italian Gnocchetti

Italian Gnocchetti

Dish……….: Italian Gnocchetti
Price……….: HKD 190 ($23)
Cuisine……: Italian
Restaurant: La Piola
Ambiance..: Classic
Location….: G/F + 1/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
More info…: La Piola

The restaurant only uses authentic Italian products, flown in from Italy by air. It was recommended to me by an Italian person as “the best Italian restaurant in town.” I choose a pasta dish that I wasn’t familiar with, but certainly sounded delicious: “Sardinian style gnocchetti pasta with spicy luganica sausage ragu.” It definitely tasted as good as it sounds. At HKD 190 it’s a bit pricey for the amount you get though.

Day 6: Nepalese Duck

Nepalese Duck

Dish……….: Nepalese Duck
Price……….: HKD 88 ($11)
Cuisine……: Nepalese
Restaurant: Nepal Restaurant
Ambiance..: Cozy
Location….: G/F, 14 Staunton Street, Central
More info…: Nepalese Restaurant

This was the first occasion I ever tried Nepalese food. The dish I had was called “Haas-Ko Chhoila”, which translates to “Warm fillet of barbecued Duck flambé with Fenugreek Seeds.” The dish was medium spicy and came with unions and coriander leaves on top. I really enjoyed this dish and at HKD 88 it’s reasonably priced, giving the location of the restaurant in the heart of Soho. Will come back to try the other dishes for sure!

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on 10 Apr 2013

That Ramen looks really, really good!

Jasper Ribbers

Jasper Ribbers

on 17 Apr 2013

Yeah it tasted pretty bad ass :)

Coco Zhao

Coco Zhao

on 15 May 2013

Anything sweet and sour you tasted? no dessert?

Jasper Ribbers

Jasper Ribbers

on 17 May 2013

I usually don't get deserts, have to keep an eye on the calories since I'm eating out so much :D

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